Living For More

Many years ago I had a “pregnancy scare”. At that time, while living a life away from my faith, if I had seen a positive test result, I thought there was only one option – abortion. I never saw that positive reading, so thankfully I never went down that road. But I still vividly remember […]

My Story: Recommitting to Saving Sex for Marriage

As a teenager, I didn’t know much about sex. At home, the word “sex” was never mentioned, let alone talked about in any depth. At the Catholic high school I attended, all I remember was a brief acknowledgement that sex before marriage was bad. No reason was ever given for why someone should consider choosing […]

Our Engagement Story

Let’s rewind to three weeks ago. It happened. Six days ago, I said “yes” to the biggest question I’ll ever be asked in my life.  As I sit writing this 30,000ft in the air, I can finally stop for a moment and let it sink in. The week has been so busy that I’ve hardly had […]

The struggle of people-pleasing perfectionism

There’s an all too comfortable voice living and lurking within. It goes by the name of “perfectionism”. And even though it can cultivate driven, commendable, hard work – it’s crippling. Recently I’ve become increasingly reluctant to write, because I’ve been believing the lie that what I write isn’t worthy of sharing. It’s not interesting enough, […]

Healthy isn’t healthy anymore

“One of Jesus’ friends said if we want to get it right, we need to live a life worthy of the calling we’ve received. The call is to love God and the people around us while we live into the most authentic version of ourselves.” – Bob Goff Dear Renee You have fought this battle […]

Changing Seasons

I don’t think I can adequately define this, but if I could only use one word to describe what my life feels like right now – it would be strange. I’m right smack bang in the middle of a transition period. I’m still present in what has been my “normal”,  while also waiting and preparing for […]

Long-Distance Relationships: We Answer Six Core Questions

Renee and Sam

I think its fair to say this from the get-go: long-distance relationships are tough. But there are definitely tactics that help in not only surviving, but thriving while apart. As Sam and I are so close now to our long-distance chapter ending, we are opening up to shed some light on what we’ve learnt and […]

Look to the Light

I have the word Lumiére tattooed on my left forearm, which is French for “light”. When people notice this for the first time, they’re always curious and I’ve noticed I have slightly varying answers dependent on who is asking. Here’s the full reason: I’ve always been one to question things, and sometimes I have difficulty believing […]

Hope is Vulnerable

The Oxford dictionary defines hope as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.” Key word in there: expectation. When we are hopeful, we hold expectation for something or someone. We are expectant. And when we hold onto that desire, there’s always a chance that it isn’t going to turn out how […]

Anxiety and Expectations

Anxiety comes in many shapes and forms, it is becoming increasingly common, and it looks a little different for everyone. But there is one consistency in which I have personally found linked to many forms of anxiety: expectation.  Dealing with anxiety is an ongoing battle – it’s not usually something that you can just deal […]